“For over 20 years Petr Hora explores glass as an art material, and uses his extraordinary imagination to create forms and images into distinctive sculpture. He has been influenced by many things; the ancient arts, the pyramids, contemporary architecture, the human form and images from nature.

His use of color and light is compelling. He has proven that there are no happy accidents in his work. What appears flawless, minimal, even simple, is the result of intense hours of grinding and polishing. Petr Hora does not allow us to see this. If his efforts were to be seen in his work, he would deny the viewer the feeling of simple perfection. The play of light must seem so natural to appear that it was always there; the minimal line a result of inspiration –not perspiration."

Ferdinand Hampson, Habatat Galleries (Michigan, USA)



1965-67 Glass-making school, Chlum nr. Trebon (Czech Republic)
1967-71 Applied Art College of Glass-making, Zelezny Brod (Czech Republic)


1980 Applied Arts Quadriennial, Erfurt (Germany)
1983 Bavarian State Award and Gold Medal, Munich (Germany)
2004 Michigan Glass Month Award of Excellence
2006 Jurors Award – Muskegon Institute of Art – Award of Excellence
2011 Bavarian State Award and Gold Medal, Munich (Germany)


1997, 1998, 2000 Heller Gallery, New York (USA)
1999, 2001, 2003, 2006 Habatat Gallery, Boca Raton (USA)
2002 Habatat Gallery, Royal Oak (USA)
2013 Galerie NOVA - Bratislava (Slovakia)
2016 Museum Vysočiny Havlíčkův Brod (Czech Republic)


1983 Internationale Handwekmesse Munich (Germany)
1984 Rozen Galerie, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
1985 Galerie d´Amon, Paris (France)
1989 International Exhibition of Glass, Kanazawa (Japan)
1991 Gallery Poitiers, Poitiers (France)
1991 International Exhibition of Glass, Kanazawa (Japan)
1993 Czech and Japan Glass Festival - Prague, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagano
1994 Gallery Schalkwijk, Schalkwijk (The Netherlands)
1994 Czech Glass, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
1995 Galleria San Niccolo, Venice (Italy)
1995 Portrait der Meister, Munich (Germany)
1995-1999 Heller Gallery, New York (USA)
1996-2017 Habatat Gallery, Michigan (USA)
1997-2017 Habatat Gallery, West Palm Beach (USA)
2001 Habatat Gallery – International Glass Exhibition in Beijing and Shanghai (China)
2003 Bohemian Glass Exhibition of Fascination – Czech Embassy, Tokyo (Japan)
2007-2014 Pismo Fine Art Glass - Denver/Aspen/Vail (CO), USA
2008-2010 Habatat Gallery - Chicago (IL), USA
2011-2013 Imago Galleries - Palm Desert (CA), USA
2011 Internationale Handwekmesse Munich – Modern Masters (Germany)
2014 A Galerie Handwerk Exhibition, Munich – Positions in Crafts and Design (Germany)
2014 Austin Art Studio - Palm Desert (CA), USA
2014 Schantz Galleries - Stockbridge (MA), USA


1980 Frauenau (Germany)
1991 Interglass symposium, Nový Bor (Czech Republic)


Bohemian Art Glass Museum, Karuizawa, (Japan)
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (USA)
Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk (USA)
Corning Museum of Glass, Corning (USA)
Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile (USA)
Seven Bridges Foundation - Greenwich (CT), USA
The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University - (CA), USA
Imagine Museum, St.Petersburg (USA)
The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota (USA)
Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)


Habatat Galleries - Royal Oak (MI), USA
Habatat Galleries - West Palm Beach (FL), USA
Austin Art Studio - Palm Desert (CA), USA
Piece Art Gallery - Vail (CO), USA
Schantz Galleries - Stockbridge (MA), USA